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Useful, delicious and suitable for PP

Welcome to my channel. And today another proven and delicious recipe. Our body requires many different enzymes and, accordingly, a diverse number of products. One of them is cottage cheese - very necessary for bones, beautiful hair and nails. Many don't they love milk and cottage cheese, but no one disputes the calcium content of these products. Although cheese contains much more calcium. But since childhood, we are fed curd and say "useful and necessary ". My husband does not use dairy products, except for cheese, and my daughter also does not eat cottage cheese in its pure form. We have to look for options. But both with they are happy to eat the Royal cheesecake to the last crumb. There are many options now, each adding its own zest. How do I do it?

First I prepare the oil for sprinkling, 100-150gr, for softening I leave on the table. At this time, 3 eggs are whipped with 400gr of cottage cheese and 1 UF. of sugar. You do not need to beat it strongly with a mixer or blender, just beat it with a whisk or fork,otherwise the consistency of the mixture will be very liquid.

I have such a mixture turned out, the color depends on the quality of eggs, the village give a more yellow.

I add it to the mix lemon juice or essence, vanilla sugar. Leave aside and do the sprinkling. To butter add flour, approximately 2-3 St, soda 1H. l. RUB to fine crumbs and add 0.5 St of sugar, who likes sweeter it is better to add more to the filling, and not to the sprinkle, otherwise it will burn.

Are you all ready?! The next stage is the formation of our work of art. The form or paper is greased with oil, pour our sprinkling, or rather half, on the bottom and make the sides.

From above pour the curd-egg filling.

And carefully sprinkle the remains of our powder mixture and if the filling is not very liquid, then for leveling, you can slightly twist the shape to the sides and the sprinkling is leveled on the surface. And that's all, you can send it to a preheated oven the oven and 25 minutes do not open and do not look.

When the aroma fills the kitchen, you can check the readiness and beauty of baking.

I did it like this. My parents refused to eat in order to place in the stomach to leave for the pie. Why is it useful for PP? Yes, because cottage cheese is protein and sugar can be replaced with syrup or a substitute. And in the end, sometimes you can just eat delicious food, thinking about the benefits of products.

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