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Egg-essential products

Everyone knows that food is one of the key components of our lives. And the quality of our life depends on the nature of the products consumed.

Tricks of proper nutrition for anyone are no longer such. Everyone knows exactly the products that contribute to we need to stay fresh, keep our body in good shape.

Let's leave aside expensive products, and focus on one unique product that is available to all.

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Being a small shape, it it contains a huge number of vitamins and trace elements that are so important and useful to our body.

You may have realized that we are talking about a banal chicken egg.

Even our grandfathers and great-grandfathers believed that the use of this product in food gives them strength.

To date, some nutritionists try to refute the nutritional value of eggs, but all attempts of this kind have not been successful.


This product is still popular in our diet. Especially it is necessary to include this product in the daily diet of people, who are engaged in mental work.

In an egg, all three of its components are of great importance: the shell, the yolk, and the white.

Protein contains minerals, carbohydrates, and valuable amino acids that are not produced in the human body.

Not counting its caloric properties, protein is also famous for its protective characteristics. The lysozyme contained in it is capable of killing microorganisms.

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Yolk contains proteins, lipids, vitamins and many other substances. Lecithin contained in the yolk it has a favorable effect on fat metabolism.

The undoubted importance of the yolk is given by the vitamin d contained in it Its deficiency in the human body causes that calcium is not absorbed by the body.

And this threatens a person with various ailments, such as rickets, problems with teeth, work disorders the nervous system, etc. According to the content of this vitamin, the yolk is in second place after fish oil.

The ratio of mineral ingredients in this product, such as magnesium, iron, phosphorus, cobalt and manganese, is optimal.

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The shell also contains 90% calcium. To prevent diseases associated with calcium deficiency in the body, you can eat eggshells as a source of calcium.

The shell should initially be washed thoroughly, crushed and added to food. To eat egg shells they also advise women during pregnancy to prevent a large loss of calcium in the body.

In short, the use of this inexpensive and so curative product every day will provide our body with the necessary vitamins and minerals and help to be cheerful and energetic.

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