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How to remove the stomach. Fitness at home and proper nutrition
how to remove your belly

I am often asked the question :" how to remove the belly and make it flat?". Answer: "Of course, in the fight for a flat stomach, first of all, regular training and proper nutrition play a role!". Since now the quarantine and self-isolation, and the evil coronavirus does not allow us to go to a fitness club, then we have a fitness at home! But, it's not scary! Home fitness is also very effective! So we will actively exercise, and we will not be bored at home!

A very common problem in men and women is the absence of a flat stomach. In women, belly fat is usually subcutaneous. In men, mainly visceral. So, fat on the stomach of a woman indicates that she most likely overeats sweet and flour and leads a non-active lifestyle. Another reason for abdominal bulging in women can be the stretching of the transverse abdominal muscle after childbirth. But watermelons have men - this is a very bad indicator! Although, there are men who are even proud of their bulging belly! But there is absolutely nothing to be proud of. Such a belly indicates a poor state of health of a man, and indicates serious hormonal disorders. Such pot-bellied gentlemen are the first candidates for heart attacks and impotence.

The waist and abdomen have two main enemies-inactivity and an unbalanced diet. Another worst enemy of the waist, it's beer. Beer contains a substance that provokes the production of the hormone oestrogen, which in turn causes fat accumulation in the abdomen and waist. All beer lovers, regardless of gender - pot-bellied!

Whatever your stomach does not increase in volume, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the rules in nutrition for BZHU: 30-20-50. This means that in your daily diet, of the total amount of food, protein should be 30%, fat-20%, and carbohydrates-50% (I mean complex carbohydrates, simple carbohydrates are better if possible in General exclude from the diet. And no beer!

fitness at home

Here's a TABATA workout for you. Do everything according to the video. Calculate the number of sets and reps based on your level of physical fitness. After each approach, measure your heart rate.

And now let's go directly to the exercises on the abdominal muscles. And today we will train the abdominal muscles in static mode. Why in statics? The fact is that with static power loads, the muscles do not significantly increase in volume, but become dense, strong and embossed. And so, the same when static, the transverse abdominal muscle is worked out, which is not involved in dynamic loads.

Here is you from me 4 exercises on the stomach in static.

The entrance to all exercises is the same: put your hands on your feet, pull the body with your hands, and raise it to the shoulder blades. Then we take a deep breath out and stretch your arms along the body. Hold this position for 1 minute. When performing exercises, we breathe superficially: fast, fast fukaem for a minute, and on each exhalation, we draw in the press! Exit from the exercise: put your hands on your feet (leg), they attract the body, and then lower the body to the floor. Between exercises rest 30-60 seconds.

How to remove the stomach. Fitness at home and proper nutrition. Field Corvic

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