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Oranges and lemons for pancreatitis

Citrus fruits are a real treasure trove of essential vitamins, especially C. They are delicious, juicy, flavorful, able to improve the taste qualities of many dishes and strengthen the immune system.

Here only they are not equally useful for everyone. For example, people suffering from pancreatitis should exclude them completely or eat in strictly regulated quantities. In which cases and which citrus fruits are allowed – let's try to figure out.

Acute pancreatitis

This is a cutting, shingling pain that gives off a sharp pain sensation. in the right hypochondrium. To tolerate it, you need a lot of courage, and in addition to medications, only a carefully selected diet can reduce the pain syndrome.

And what are oranges and lemons? This is, first of all, a huge amount of ascorbic acid (the same vitamin C). Acids also activate the enzyme activity and lead to even more inflammation of the pancreas, so both fruits are strictly contraindicated during exacerbations.

The second reason for refusing citrus fruits during exacerbations is the high glucose content, especially in oranges, which can lead to even greater production suppression insulin's.

Even fruit juices based on these fruits are forbidden, and lemon juice-even in a diluted, highly diluted form.

Chronic course of the disease and remission stage

If there were no acute attacks for a long time, and in General the pancreas did not remind of itself, there may be some relief in the diet.

However, before trying a prohibited product, you should always consult your doctor. There is a possibility that your case is individual and does not allow for experimentation.

It should be noted that only an orange is considered conditionally acceptable in the stage of persistent remission. Eating it small portions (no more than 1-2 oranges a day) or drinking diluted juice from it can benefit the patient:

  • strengthen your immune system;
  • prolong your youth and protect you from the appearance of oncological neoplasms;
  • to improve the tone of the heart and blood vessels;
  • to protect from infections during the period of mass acute respiratory viral infections;
  • to prevent the occurrence of constipation.
But you can eat an orange only with the permission of the attending doctor and in small quantities. Lemon remains banned even during periods of improvement.

We warn you about mandatory consultation with a medical specialist!

A source: medical equipment stores ME-D.RU - with care for your health!

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