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Stars whose popularity is not hindered by excess weight.

Actresses, singers and other celebrities are always visible, they are always discussed what they are wearing, how they look and how much they weigh.

The women we will talk about are: feel happy and in demand despite the fact that their parameters differ from the generally accepted ones.

Adele. Since childhood, she was a crumpet, but this did not prevent her from receiving her first Grammy award in the category " Best new executor»

Adele's weight over all these years has ranged from 75 kg with a height of 175 cm to 130 kg. Often the issue of her weight was discussed in the media, and it was said that it would not hurt to lose weight, and she lost weight, and then gained again, but this did not prevent her popularity and her talent. It has received dozens of awards for best song and as the best the performer, and even Oscar.

In 2012, Adele gave birth to a son, and again gained weight, but this did not prevent her popularities.

Irina Pegova. Russian actress with non-standard-curvy forms, while she often played the main roles in love melodramas, thanks to these roles she has become popular, and continues to work successfully in film and theater. Irina has a lot of fans who do not get tired of writing to her on instagram how beautiful she is.

Ekaterina Skulkina. Another popular actress and presenter in plus size. Ekaterina is a participant of the popular show "Comedy Woman" and has many fans. She also appeared as the host of various shows, starred in movies, and played in the theater more than once.

Ekaterina as well as other stars from our article periodically struggled with excess weight, but neither the loss nor the set in any way prevented her from doing successful career.

In 2019, Ekaterina took part as a presenter in the TV program “Model XL”, whose mission was to turn overweight women into models, and increase their weight self-assessments.

By Anfisa Chekhov. As a child, Anfisa was overweight and suffered ridicule from her peers. But the excess weight did not prevent her from getting an invitation to TV as a presenter and becoming popular. Huge popularity and the interest of men was brought to her by the erotic TV show " Sex with Anfisa Chekhov” Together with Ekaterina Skulkina, she participated as a presenter in the TV show “Model XL”Anfisa said that the mission of her participation in this show is that all the designers of the world would start sewing clothes for full.

Montserrat Caballe. One of the most famous and popular Opera singers in the world. The singer in her youth got into an accident, and got injured, which disrupted the metabolism in the body, so monserat, no matter how hard she tried to lose weight, her weight is most often he was on the bar of 100 kg, with a height of 161 cm. Excess weight did not prevent her from becoming popular, and performing in the most famous Opera houses in the world. The singer was married and happily married. She led an active life and performed even at the age of 85, until her death. Monserat was lost in 2018.

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