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Do your hands feel numb? I will tell you in detail what this means.

It is really sometimes a frightening symptom that most people associate with the heart... We give the doctor a like and figure it out together.

Let's analyze some of them reasons:


Here, numbness of the hand (not necessarily the left) is most often accompanied by intense chest pain, shortness of breath. It starts abruptly along with other symptoms


Against the background of physical exertion, it is accompanied by chest compressions and shortness of breath. Passes along with other symptoms


Also sharply. It can be accompanied by numbness of the leg on the same side, impaired speech, impaired facial movement. This condition can pass through a day (TIA) or be observed for a long time

Diseases of the spine (Cervical osteochondrosis, hernias, spondylosis)

The most common reason. It goes numb for a long time, sometimes permanently, depending on the position of the body.

Tunnel syndrome

For people with monotonous hand work (marketers, copywriters, teachers, musicians, seamstresses, drivers). Numb little finger and thumb or little finger and ring.

Sugar diabetes

Fingers and/or toes become numb. Permanent numbness.


My fingertips go numb. First they turn white, then they turn blue and red. Not for long, after hypothermia or stress.

Lack Of B12

Long-term numbness in one or both hands. There will also be an appearance dandruff, increased fragility of bones and hair.


It is associated with edema, anemia, and reduced motor activity.

Thrombosis of the artery

The hand becomes numb, cold, and constantly very painful.

These are the main causes, and they also occur with Smoking, alcoholism, and metabolic syndrome, etc. , and sometimes the reason lies in an uncomfortable pillow, which simply needs to be replaced with an orthopedic one

To understand the reason, your doctor will help you, if necessary, direct you further to narrow specialists!

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