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Weight loss is my example-day 1

I want to lose weight-ideally 10 kg. But even if I can't, I'll be glad to. I decided that I would unsubscribe here every day - about the past day - what I ate - what I drank - what I did.

Weight loss is my example-day 1 - - snack

A reward? I'll buy myself a dress!!! And not any - but, this is the photo below - the price of the dress is 10500-I saw in an instagram ad.

Weight loss my example-day 1-Motivation

I have no education as a dietitian, and neither do I have a medical degree. How will I lose weight? From memory :)

I lost weight two or three years ago with a nutritionist on Proper nutrition. The result is 4 kg in six months. Here, now the weight has returned again, and I decided-to sit on the PP again.

I looked at my notes, the ones from the dietitian, remembered what I had seen from other dietitians, and decided to repeat them.

Here we go!"

On the first day.

Even yesterday, I made a meal plan for the day - everything that I will eat during the day.

I also set myself the task of going to bed before 23-00. and to get up no later than 8: 00 am. As my nutritionist said, the joy hormone is produced from 1-00 to 3-00 m. this time you must necessarily sleep. I often do this time watch. So-in addition to losing weight - I will simultaneously develop the habit of sleeping correctly!

Today I am eating according to the plan - I wrote it in the evening - and now I am - showing you-the Plan/ Fact.

Water plan for the day-2,5 l. / fact-2,5 l of water is fulfilled!

PLAN-Breakfast from 6 to 8. millet on the water - with pumpkin, Apple on the terochke RUB + pear, egg, chicken breast with lettuce leaves.

FACT-Breakfast is at 9: 00. instead of an egg, I ate cottage cheese with kefir, but I didn't want an Apple. I've done everything else.

Weight loss my example-day 1-Breakfast

Second Breakfast - or the first snack

Plan: - from 10 to 11-00 Pshenku chew + orange.  / Fact: - 11-00-completed!

12-00 - drank a liter of water. Continue. :)

And a few dresses - for my motivation-I saw and liked.

motivation to lose weight :) Weight loss my example-day 1-the First snack

Lunch from 12 to 15

Plan-cabbage salad with cucumber and bell pepper and carrot-pour olive oil-1.5 tbsp. l., buckwheat kefir pour and add the seasoning Tuzluk brought from the Caucasus - otherwise I can not eat buckwheat:). and chicken breast in lettuce leaves.

Fact-lunch at 14-30 - cabbage salad with cucumber and bell pepper and carrots-I'll pour olive oil-1.5 tbsp. l., bulgur (I didn't want buckwheat for something), and chicken breast in lettuce leaves.

The second snack - or afternoon snack from 16 to 17.

Plan: curd dumplings with pear baked.

Fact: - curd dumpling-completed!

Dinner with 18 to 19.

Plan: vegetable salad - from lunch. mackerel baked in the oven.

Fact: - completed!

Water? - 2.5 liters of alcohol consumed!

Who's doing well? I'm good!! Good day to you all :)

And don't forget to write a plan for tomorrow!!!

Weight loss my example-day 1-lunch

Recipes? Since the food will be repeated - I think it is necessary and shares recipes.

Curd dumpling-or cupcake-as you prefer - so call it.

Cottage cheese-half a pack-200 gr.

Egg-1 PC.



lemon zest-just a little a little bit.

All this is mixed with a blender, put in a silicone mold and bake at a temperature of 200gr-20-30min. give a little cool and eat.

don't bake too much. cold they are not very tasty. you can add raisins, peaches, nuts and eat them.

Weight loss my example-day 2-continued


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