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Popular misconceptions about pancreatitis

Over the past few decades, the incidence of pancreatitis has tripled!

Doctors claim that this growth is associated with the deterioration of the environmental situation and improper nutrition of people. One more a significant factor in the deplorable statistics is the abuse of alcoholic beverages.

But the higher the percentage of cases of any disease, the more myths about it passes "word of mouth". Gossip grows into rumors, and sometimes even patients who have suffered from pancreatitis for many years begin to doubt the truth state of Affairs.

Today, we will look at the most common misconceptions about pancreatic disorders and refute them.

Myths and their debunking

"You can not take enzyme-containing drugs for a long time, since they are addictive». It is the enzyme ones drugs are the basis of therapy for both acute and remission stages of the disease. With their help, the damaged organ is kept at rest. If you stop taking medications prescribed by your doctor, inflammation may begin, accompanied by pain. This cannot be allowed categorically, so no one should worry about it. a break in medication intake is out of the question.

"Plant-based enzymes have the same effectiveness as animal ones». This misconception is more often spread by representatives of the "greens" - ardent opponents of killing animals. It is no secret that preparations of animal origin are obtained based on the pancreas of pigs, whose body structure is very similar to that of humans, with similar functions. Herbal preparations are not included in any recommended list of drugs intended for the treatment of pancreatitis in the world.

"High doses of enzyme preparations are dangerous and can cause harm pancreatic». To facilitate the work of the digestive system, many "gluttons" take medications advertised on TV. But it is worth knowing that the dose of lipase in them is extremely small and is not therapeutic.

"If I drink medicine, then I can eat whatever I want». One of the most dangerous myths, following which can cause a serious exacerbation of the disease. At least half of the success rate of treatment depends on maintaining a diet, which is strongly discouraged for the rest of your life.

"Not all alcohol is equally harmful». Like, there are weak and delicious drinks that you can drink a little bit even to those who suffers from pancreatitis. Absolutely not true. There is no useful alcohol, especially for diseases of the pancreas. It is also important to realize that the degree of harm depends more on the quantity, rather than on the strength or taste.

We warn you about mandatory consultation with a medical professional a specialist!

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